Problems with encoders function

Hi, I’m from programming team. We are having some issues with our encoders function.

We’re using two mechanical encoders, and they are ok when we test outside robot, using oscilloscope. But when I get in robot, connect it in roboRIO, they don’t work.

We did check out everything, electrical is good, the ports in roboRIO too. There are three ports being used, one with 5V, GND and Index, the second with channel A, and finally with channel B.

We already tested in differents forms, and nothing was shown in the smartdashboars:

I don’t know what’s happening, or how I could solve this issue.

Your best bet for quick assistance will be to post your code. The best way is to upload your code to GitHub, or to copy-paste the relevant code segments in code blocks using triple back-tics
``` code ```


Did someone plug the encoder in backwards?