Problems with Enet Link

Hello Everyone.
We have been battling for the past few weeks with our bridge configuration utility, as we haven’t able to connect via wireless. Upon rechecking all of the documentation regarding the control systems we found that the Enet Link light is not turned on, even if we have deployed our code and are moving our tethered robot. Does anyone have some idea of what might we be doing wrong? would this be the answer to why we are still unable to complete the bridge configuration with the FRC BCU?
thanks, team 5750

What does the Bridge Configuration utility do when you try to use it?

Is your computer running a Spanish version of Windows? It’s possible that it is being confused by a non-English localization.

Tried it with an English localized version and it allowed us to run the configuration, but it displays an error when it is trying to locate the bridge at expected IP. We have already tried the solutions listed in the pop-up, but the issue remains.