Problems with everybot dimensions

i was just wondering if anybody who was assembling an everybot based off of the cad model that the robonauts released had an issue with spacing on the side of their structure. There is a piece to be cut to 6 inches an a gap that appears to be an inch between the two gussets on my bot, however on the cad model that gap is much smaller. please respond if anyone knows why this is happening.

Can you post a screenshot of the CAD or a picture of the part? It would help people to know exactly what part you’re referring to.



the gap between those two gussets on my bot is larger than this cad model, but the cuts on the stock me and my mentor made are correct

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, sorry.

Keep in mind the gusset shapes are essentially arbitrary; as long as you can drill a few holes through and put some rivets through, it will work the same. If the boxtube lengths match the CAD then you’re fine.

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