Problems with goals....

Hey everyone!

We ran into some problems while building the goal… we accidently trapped someone inside.

Actually that person was me. :smiley:

*I was tightening some bolts when my fellow teamates decided to bolt the top on. Needless to say, they were nice enough to stick this iBook in there so I could share this pic with you. Enjoy!

-Li-Anne Dela Vega
Kika Mana Team 368

*true story… or is it?
Sorry for the poor resolution!

stuck goal1.jpg

stuck goal1.jpg

You know we had the same problem when we were constructing our goal. :rolleyes:

Thanks for the smile.

Joe J.

Joe help me im still stuck in my goal and its dark in here! Im so scared. They trapped me in here and i cant get out. Please send help to 123 Cage Ave. Or email me at [email protected]
LOL that goal was so hard to build.

Why are people building their own goal? just for sake of practice? and doesn’t that take quite some time to make one?

Devil’s Kid, we had our goal built by thursday after the kick off. (this past thurs)

We built if in order to fully conceptualize what we have to do. As a fellow rookie team member I will level with you. You have NO idea what your getting into with the goal if you dont have one youself.

I was thinking “turn the goal? NO PROBLEM” until I tried it myself and almost broke off my own arm.

cant you say that last years goal would have made a really cool mobile gogo cage.:smiley:

Are you guys suggesting those bars are on the goal for another reason? Hmm


Li-Anne D… Maybe you should take the day off when your team crates the robot?..Just a suggestion.

Best Wishes

Steve Alaniz

“Yeah, those robots are cool… but if you can’t play Nintendo on them… what good are they?” - Hilary Forth

Last year we took individual “mug shots” of all our teammembers in the goal. We thought it looked like a jail, and our name is the FEDS, so a jail motif suited us very well.

*Originally posted by Devil’s Kid *
**Why are people building their own goal? just for sake of practice? and doesn’t that take quite some time to make one? **

We are a rookie team this year, but this was the first thing we did…build a goal.

First of all, it really is the most imposing part of the game this year…especially if you have any plans to pull or push it.

Second, it reved-up our manufacturing people…they had drawings, and this was a way they could get together to build something and learn to work together as a “team”.

It worked out nicely, because not only do we have a great goal (that showed us some interesting problems with out initial strategy), but we have a well oiled and “ready” group of manufacturing folk.