Problems with intake CAD

Hi, I am currently working on a prototype of a retractable intake using pneumatics. First of all, I’m doing a CAD model to use as reference, but I just can’t get the assembly to work properly. The problem is: everything works fine till I fix the actuator (or more specifically, the part that the actuator is suposed to revolute around). When I do that, Onshape says the assembly is overdefined. I’ve been on this for days, and honestly don’t know what to do. I’ll really apreciate any help.

Try switching some of the revolutes to cylindrical. Effectively the revolutes are fixing the z-distances at each of the joints, which is what overdefines it.


On top of that, stacking fastened mates on top of each other like you have it will lead to it being overdefined for moving pieces. (I believe it at least lowers the chances)

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Hello! Update: I was finally able to make it work. For some reason, using the ball mate to fix the actuator instead of revolute or cylindical mates doesn’t result in any problems. Thanks for the replies anyways.

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