Problems with Inventor

Hello All,
I know the season is over but i have a few problems. We did our design this year pretty well being a rookie and all. The problem is we did not get the full Inventor 11 Professional. :ahh: I did not realize this until when in Atlanta i went to the Autodesk booth. I know there was some kid of problem with getting the “complete” version when downloading from Firstbase.

I do not have in my package or any of the teams packages.
1-Stress Analysis & things like that.
2-Content Center (theres nothing there, i dont know what to do)
There is probably more i just cant think of right now.

I have emailed autodesk with no help yet.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Does anyone know how to fix it?
Is there a simple thing I need to install or Is there somewhere i can download it from that allows me to get the full Professional Version?

Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated.

Sean Marks - 2016

Hello Sean,

The download provided from the FIRSTbase site is a full Autodesk Inventor Professional suite. It has all of the offerings you mention;

  • Stress Analysis / FEA
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Routed Systems: Cable & Harness for electrical, Tube & Pipe for pneumatics, etc.

To note, the Inventor Series (non-Professional) suite still has:

  • Content Center
  • Frame Generator
  • Design Accellerator (with chains in R2008!)

We heard several reports of bandwidth frustrations when downloading, and hope to improve this process for the upcoming season. We may consider breaking up the download into 500Mb pieces, or the like.

Kind regards,

We got ours through our school. At first we had problems due to the graphics but we never ran acrossed any issues with the memory/processor.