Problems with IR sensor

I plugged in the IR sensor to a DC power suppy at 10V through the rainbow plugin wire. The positive side is going through the black and white wires, and the ground is going through the next two wires over. Yet, when I hold down the button and then turn on the power, none of the lights are turning on. I think I might have fried it…:frowning:

I’m trying to remember what colours were where on the ribbon cable. (I’m at home now)

But, I think you are powering from the wrong side.

If I remember the Yellow and red wires should do the trick.

Look at the numbers on the board. pin 1 is (+), as is pin .

Pin 3 and 4 are (-) negative.

I think you are trying to power the pin 11 and 12. Which do nothing.

I could be wrong though. In which case you are powering it correctly.

But, try powering it without the ribbon cable. try applying positive (+) to the lower right hand corner (pin 2), and a negative voltage to pin 3 (-).

Make sure that when you apply power to the IR Board, you do it as noted through the documentation for this device. By applying a reverse polarity to the power, you can cause irreparable damage to the device.


Don’t use the colors, I have seen pictures where the ribbon has been flip, so in one case +Vin is Black and White, the other case it’s red and brown.
Plus it depends on how you orient the connector since it is not keyed in any way. So follow the instructions and trace pins 1 and 2 for +Vin and pins 3 and 4 for GND. OUT0 is pin 8, OUT1 is pin 6, OUT2 is pin 5, and OUT3 is pin 7. Use an ohm meter is you have one and are not sure how the ribbon relates to the connector. Notice that the OUT# to pin# is not in sequential order.

I hope this helps you.

I accidentaly shorted something on the board during a previous attempt, and the transistor got really hot. I have a feeling that it is fried. Thanks for the help, though.


Here what I did so we could test the board without handling it directly when testing it.

The Top Side pic shows the battery reversed (a convenient way to store it). The 2 pin headers on the test board was all I had at the time, 3 pin headers would be better.

The Bot Side pic shows that I connected the Blk/Wht to the positive side of the 9 volt battery and the gray/purp wire to the negative side.

With my ribbon cable:

orn is pin 8, CMD0
grn is pin 6, CMD1
blu is pin 5, CMD2
yel is pin 3, CMD3

brn/red is not connected.

Good Luck!

So is the pic you show, the right way to connect the rainbow wires

I believe it is.

But do yourself a favor and use an ohm meter or a continuity tester and identify Pin 1 and 2 - they go to the plus side of the battery no matter what color the wire is. Pin 3 and 4 go to the negative side again no matter what color the wires are. Then Pin 8 for CMD0, Pin6 for CMD1, Pin5 for CMD2, and Pin7 for CMD3 no matter what colors they are. See the Document that FIRST supplied.

Does you cable look like mine, oriented the way it is in the picture? If so than the colors scheme I described should match.

FIRST IR Instructions_12-10-07.pdf (34.6 KB)

FIRST IR Instructions_12-10-07.pdf (34.6 KB)