Problems with Network Tables on Field

Our autonomous reads values from the Dashboard via Network Tables for an autonomous (do nothing, drive, drive and aim, etc) and a distance to travel. At some point during our first district event on sunday our robot stopped reading these values at the start of auto while on the field. We don’t know why; It worked just fine on the practice feild, and we tested multiple times. We also spoke to the the Control Systems advisor at the event, and he didn’t have any idea of why it wasn’t working (although he agreed to look at our code after the event).

Someone else in another thread mentioned the below, but we didn’t have a chance to test it at competition:

Has anyone else had issues?

We have not had any issues with deployed code, but we’ve had issues using run-time code (clicking Run on the Robot Main VI) while testing. It usually seems to be variables getting written to the robot and never variables being read from the robot.

I have had some with persistent variables getting overwritten when testing new code. I’m reviewing that problem later this week to determine the root cause.