problems with pd board

hi all
well we have a problem with our power distribution board. everything works, except for our crio. we have no power going to it, and we ship in two days. all help would be graciously helped.

Hey there,

Were you drilling near your PDB? Metal chips can short out that board really easily, as it’s super sensitive. Are you getting correct voltages everywhere else as well?


yeah we were. surprisingly we just found some sawdust in the pd. but i will have the boys search for metal shavings.

Is the +24 volt LED on the Power distribution panel illuminated? Are you connected to the dedicated +24 volt output of the PD? Have you checked both ends of the Crio power cable?

Are you getting correct voltages on all the other terminals? (Not just the red and black terminals, but the dedicated 12V and 5V sources)


Having just gone through some problems with the power distribution board ourselves, here are the steps to try:

  1. Check the status LED’s (12V, 24V, and 5V) - are they all lit? The cRio should be hooked up to the black connector next to the 24V led. In this picture, the connection is on the far right of the board. The white wago connector closest to us is 12V for the radio, the middle one (black with 4 contacts) is 24V for the cRio, and the furthest one is 5V for the camera.

  2. Hook up a fresh, fully charged battery and check your voltages with a multimeter. You should see:

  • around 12.6-12.8V on the battery terminals. If you don’t see above 12V, stop and get a battery that is fully charged.
  • The same voltage on all red/black connector pairs that have a breaker inserted
  • The same voltage on the white 12V Wago connector for the radio
  • 24V across the connectors marked “V” and “C”.
  • 5V on the 5V connector for the camera
  1. Check for continuity between the two black connectors (the PD side and the cRio side). With the multimeter, stick one probe in the slot marked “V” on the PD side, and the other on the slot marked “V” on the cRio side - you should see 0 Ohms. Do the same for the slots marked “C”.

thanks every one for your help. actually we found that a wire had come loose in our final setup and touched the battery. which fired a fuse or something technical like that.