Problems with required software update

We updated our cRIO, Driver Station and WindRiver system with the versions noted in team update 12. We observed the following issues
with the “iterative robot” code:

  • The problem we reported earlier with the analog inputs on the cRIO providing a stray value now and then is gone.

  • The periodic loop frequency has dropped from 200hz to 50hz (a reasonable value) and this will throw off your use of loop counting to measure time.

  • A race condition has appeared for the last cycle of the disabledperiodic call, where the switches on the driver station may, or may not, read properly. If you are reading switches here to store the desired autonomous mode, you will sometimes get zeros. You need to buffer the values from the prior iteration so that you can avoid the race condition if you are saving the autonomous mode read from the switches.

Have fun!