Problems with running Multiple Crio's and Bridges

Hi all,
we recently purchased another crio for our team to work on code on a prototype. if i take a radio from the previous year and the radio from the current year and set them up with the same address but different names will this cause a conflict. Also can i just flash all the crios the same (IP) and just give the names of the crios something different.
After i flashed the radio using the bridge tool the bridges show up as different radios which can be selected to download the code.
Has anyone done this and encountered problems.
Any better suggestion in doing this


As long as you have the two bridges set up as access points with different SSIDs, you can run otherwise identically-configured robots without conflict. It might take some contortions to get an original Classmate to connect to a specific wireless network, but once you get each Driver Station connected to the appropriate bridge everything should be fine.

You might want to give each bridge an explicit different 802.11 channel number, but unless your environment is cluttered with 2.4 GHz access points you probably won’t encounter problems leaving them set to choose a channel they like.

FWIW, we’re running 3 different robots in our build space right now. We set them all up with different team numbers (different SSID’s and IP’s for everything) and it works just fine!