Problems with Sending Joystick values

Hello all. So after finishing our prototype, we decided to test the parts with our code (We program in Labview by the way). When the robot is powered on and is connected to the driver station everything is fine, as it should be. When we enable the robot, all the victors that are called upon in the code instantly go from flashing orange to a solid orange enabled status as they should. However whenever we attempt to push any buttons to trigger the victors to send power, they do not respond. We have checked and swapped out every major part on the electrical board that would send signals to the victors (CRIO modules, Data cables, Sidecar, PWM cable) with no change. However the code and wiring does successfully run the compressor to the set psi without issue. We have checked the code to see if we maybe misspelled a reference name or forgot to call upon a joystick but it all seems to be correct. We have also tried re-imaging and re-deploying the code onto the CRIO, without change. At this point, it almost seems like everything is running as it should be (Since the victors show an enabled state upon enabling) except the joysticks we are using are not sending values to the code. However the dashboard shows the joysticks as connected and correctly visually shows/replicates any buttons pressed or values in the axis. Honestly we are kind of at a loss at this point. About a week prior we had tested different code that was basically the same (minus a couple functions we didn’t have installed yet) and the robot functioned perfectly fine. But as soon as we deployed new edited code this whole issue began. To us it appears like some joystick communication issue but anyone’s opinions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Two recommendations

  1. Open the FRC Driver Station Log Viewer (or look at the driver station diagnostics tab) to see if there are any error messages that can point to an issue
  2. Post your relevant teleop/begin code

Okay. Actually just as I was about to post the code, we realized the problem. We were running the control loop for the compressor in the, and that loop didn’t permit the program to advance into teleop properly. We took that out of the and now everything is working fine.