Problems with SysId

Hello, we are team 3336 and are having some issues deploying SysID to classify a mecanum drivetrain. Here are screenshots of our config. Everything looks normal except for the SSH connection failing. We made sure we deployed our working 2023 code first and then deployed the SysID code, but the network tables never connected. We then tried to re-image the rio to the 2023 version to give us a clean slate and made a command based project that was empty as well. This also did not work and resulted in the same output. We tried connecting over wire and wi-fi as well. Just looking for some guidance on what the issue might be, we updated everything recently and are unsure if that would be the problem. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

What version of SysId are you running?

You’ll want to make sure you have the latest as discussed here: SysID not working with neos - #2 by Cameron_Williams