Problems with tether

We noticed tonight that while on tether, the OI is not receiving any data from the RC. The dashbord program does not display any data from RC. When we connect the radio modems, everything seems to work fine. If we replace the 2007 RC with a 2005 RC every thing works correctly on tether. Has anyone else had problems with their RC on tether?
I realize that some people have had problems with the radio modems. I read quite a lot about that issue while searching to see if anyone had information about this problem.

have you tried a different tether cable? if that dosent work i would contact IFI.


Yes, We have tried two different tether cables and both work on the 2005 RC. This problem only exists in our 2007 RC.
I have emailed IFI.

We had this problem two years in a row (2006 and this year).

In both cases, it was a confirmed problem with our RC (2006 was reportedly bad caps on the tether port, this year was a “bad connection” on the tether port).

If you have tried multiple tether cables, I highly recommend you contact (phone) IFI for an RMA.