Problems with "The Meeting Place"

We are having problems with The Meeting Place…
We have been trying for nearly four weeks to get reservations for St. Louis…we couldn’t start before that time because we didn’t have the money…

We were initially told that we had rooms…and given a price and everything and now we have no confirmation number and possibly no rooms except at a much higher price close to the airport… frankly it was difficult for us to come up with the money for the first rooms so now with an additional $750 needed its even worse…

Has anyone else had problems with these people?

We have called them repeatedly and when they even bother to call us back which isn’t often…it takes 24 hours and then they call after school or at a time we cannot answer…

Anyone else having problems?


You are lucky you found out this early. We have shown up and not have rooms before.

Next time you will learn to do it by yourself. you will save much more money.

We even were told this has never happen to us before. And I told them that this was there second time they done it and both time to us. I have heard of other story’s

I was told they would take care of us next year but guess what we never gave them that chance because the prices they post are about $40 more a room a night then we can get them for.

Cut off the ties quickly and find a good room if you can.

Sorry you had to find out the hard way.

*Originally posted by Mike Norton *
**Next time you will learn to do it by yourself. you will save much more money. **

FIRST is making teams do all their booking through The Meeting Company.

That is really a pitty, because its a pain in the butt to deal with them rather than just with the hotel itself, these people are more expensive, and you can only chose from certain hotels.

PLUS, for Houston, if somehow you get around the Meeting Company, you won’t be able to attend the team party.

Are FIRST and the Meeting Company in bed with each other or something? They’ve gotta be, or FIRST wouldn’t be making us use them…