Problems with tracking

When testing our tracking code, we run into a little problem. We are testing tracking by using the method in the camera manual which says to select a color with the joystick in port 2, and to pull the trigger on the joystick in port 1. When we do this, sometimes our robot goes to the color we are tracking,and works just fine, but most of the time, our robot just spins in circles or just swerves left and right, and does not approach our robot. I have tried changing the steering comp values and the speed comp values in the code, but so far no dice. If any one can help us, it would be appreciated. I also hope this makes sense to you guys.

Are you guys using Ni Labview?

In 2005, they’d have been using C in MPLab, and they’d have been using the CMUcam. I’m pretty sure Shinsa’s problem is no longer of interest.