Problems with Updating VEX Controller Master Code

Ok, so, here’s the deal.
I’m trying to get the newest version of master code for the vex controller so that it will interface with eacyC 2. I already understand what I need to do to download the file, but easyC won’t let me download .BIN files to the controller. I’ve tried just inputting the file name for the master code update, and it just tells me that the .hex file I’m trying to download is invalid… :ahh: Any help is very appreciated.

From the IFI/Intelitek Loader Help search for “Master Code”:

  1. Open the intelitek loader.
  2. Select download Master code from the Options menu.
  3. You get a file select pop-up that “sees” .bin files.

You can also use the stand-alone IFI_Loaderto download the .bin file.
Step-by-step directions come bundled in the Vex Master Code v7 .zip (although you don’t use that Master Code version with EasyC).

UpdatingMasterFirmware.pdf (53.8 KB)

UpdatingMasterFirmware.pdf (53.8 KB)

Goto the options menu in the Intelitek Loader. Click “Download Master Code”

For more help see the help file under “Downloading Master Code”

To Download anything Vex and easyC related goto:

Make sure that you are using the Master Code for Easy C and not the one for MPLAB. They are different.