Problems with upgrading cRIO's firmware

My team is having problems with upgrading firmware on a cRIO. We have attempted to upgrade our 2011 cRIO’s firmware to 2014’s firmware and it has not worked. We were wondering if this year’s firmware was compatible with 2011’s cRIO. If it is, what could be our problem. The computer’s ip address is correct ( If the device and firmware are not compatible, how would we obtain the imaging tool for a compatible year to use with this cRIO? Thank you in advance.

I believe you’re talking about imaging the cRIO. Is that correct?

To begin, how do you have the devices connected? The best way is to direct connect the #1 ethernet port to the ethernet jack in your computer.

Next, make sure you have windows firewall turned off.

When you run the imaging tool, it should be able to find the cRIO. You’ll know if it does, because it will no longer say ‘searching’ and will display info about your cRIO.

Next, you should be able to click the format checkbox then click apply. Formatting and reimaging can take some time - it took one of ours over 10 minutes.