Problems with Victor SPX CAN

We are experiencing problems with the Victor SPX with only CAN wires.
My team are programming in LabVIEW un laptops and desktop computers.
The problems begin with the Phoenix software in the RoboRIO, after the update LabVIEW stop deploying, it says Real-time mismatch, so we checked and found RT 17 on RoboRIO and LabVIEW has RT18.
We are Rookies, our RoboRIO is completely new, we initialize with software and firmware update (the original was 5 and the new is 6)
The LabVIEW is the oficial NI FRC 2019 running on windows 7/10 32/64* and we have the same issue.
Something I notice is that web-based server showed the no web configuration and the left bar showed many icons including the CAN devices, now, only show 2.

In the Phoenix software says no information about the version… defaulting to 2018.

Phoenix tuner don’t show can devices, only in 1 computer I can see PDP and Victor SPX.

I would check the following, just to make sure you have the correct software stack:

  1. That you followed the LabVIEW Installation process for the 2019 version.
    a. If there was NI software in the computer before (I wouldn’t expect it since you mention you’re rookies, but just to double check), please uninstall it.
    b. Download and install the LabVIEW FRC 2019 software
  2. That you installed the FRC Update Suite 2019
    a. At this point, you should be able to flash the roboRIO with the 2019 image using the roboRIO Imaging Tool. You should also see LabVIEW FRC 2019 when opening the software (the LabVIEW version will be 2018).
  3. That you downloaded and installed the most recent tools for the Phoenix software
  4. That you rebooted your computer(s) after these steps
  5. Image your roboRIO
  6. Load the CTRE Phoenix tools using the Phoenix Tuner
    a. At this point you should be able to see the CAN devices in the Phoenix Tuner
    b. Make sure you are terminating your CAN bus with the PDP and that you don’t have devices with repeated ID.
    c. You should not see problems when using the Talon SRX/Victor SPX in LabVIEW
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Tanks , we did all the steps you have listed.

I updated my LabVIEW versión uninstalling the 2016 (fully) installing the new 2019 and the frc. I’m not new using LabVIEW.

My problem is that it was working ok, I could see the PDP and the spx through the web configuration, even I changed the Id from one of my Victor’s. But inside Phoenix tuner I can’t see it.
Yesterday morning I was able to upload the code, it worked fine, using a joystick my motor was working ok. Orange led in victor, green status and comm in PDP, green led in victor forward movement and red for backwards.
Wednesday I was having troubles uploading code with an mismatch real time version, I checked it with MAX and the RoboRIO was rt17 and the LabVIEW software RT18, before update roborio with Phoenix tuner I was able to get code working (no can communication) but everything ok

I did this the Phoenix step 6

But I can’t see the can devices

The server version shows unknown

Can you post a screenshot of the Driver Station connected to the roboRIO with the Driver Station on the Diagnostic tab?

That will show us the software versions on everything.

I’m still in home, I’ll post it when arrive to school (8am Mexico)

You seem to be using an old version of Phoenix Tuner based on your screenshots. You can get the latest standalone version here:

Phoenix tuner version

Phoenix tuner is a separate program than the CTRE Phoenix framework. Your screenshot above from 7 hours ago shows version (A pre-kickoff version). The latest CTRE Phoenix framework installs version, which should also put a desktop shortcut with a link to it on your desktop of Phoenix Tuner, but you seem to somehow be using the old version.

That pictures are from the first reply step 6 page.

So are you using Phoenix tuner version The screenshot you posted doesn’t tell me anything other than that you installed the correct version of the CTRE Phoenix Framework, but doesn’t tell me what version of Phoenix Tuner you are using. Can you post a picture of the current Phoenix tuner tool you are using?

This statement implies that at one point you used Phoenix LIfeboat with your roboRIO this year.
Phoenix Lifeboat should not be used with this year’s software (there’s a big red warning telling you to use Tuner instead). If you followed the steps @oscarfonloz outlined this issue would now be resolved - I just wanted to emphasize not to use Lifeboat. If you have used Lifeboat since imaging the roboRIO, you’ll need to re-image.

Based on your screenshots, at this point it appears that you are able to successfully deploy and run code.

What is the current state of your issue? Are you able to see devices in Phoenix Tuner?

Part of the documentation you went through had steps on verifying if Phoenix Tuner is working.
If you are having an issue with Tuner, follow this step:

Make sure you are connected to the roboRIO via USB when doing this.

Post the result here or send it to [email protected]. We can usually help you troubleshoot faster over via e-mail than over Chief Delphi.

Thanks for your reply, here are some screenshots about your last comment.
The version of Phoenix tuner

And the commands
And the driverstation

About the problem with the life boat, it’s true, I made a mistake, but the RoboRIO it’s formated and then I follow all the instructions you told me.

Everything in those screenshots looks normal.

The response for “getdevice” is as I would expect - the command should be “getdevices”, plural.

Re-do the getdevices command - you can just copy and paste it from the documentation link I referenced earlier. Respond with a screenshot of the command response you get.

If you get a response that is similar to the image in our documentation, that means everything on the server side is working properly.
At that point, double check the instructions on the “Robot Controller Install” tab - if your PC is connected to the roboRIO via USB, you can use the 172 address. If you’re connected via ethernet or wireless, you’ll need to input your team number so Tuner can use the proper mdns address.

Thanks for all you help. My laptop won’t run Tuner properly.

Thanks for the advice to send e-mail to crosstheroad, they answered with the most useful solution, wire as PWM. It’s working now, but can isn’t working with tuner.

I’ll try a fresh installation later.

That’s not quite what we said, though I don’t think the phrasing was deliberate.

You asked us how to wire Vics for PWM, and we pointed you to the section in the user’s manual explaining that the yellow/green wires can be connected to PWM white/black, and the Talon/Victor auto detects the PWM signal.

To be clear, we did not say use PWM instead of Tuner.

There have been only two reports (including yours) regarding the Tuner issue in the OP. In the case of the second report, I closely matched the user’s PC and retested everything successfully.

It really sounds like there is virus/firewall interference.

As a sanity check, I would triple-check: no firewall, disable virus-software, and if possible try the simpler Phoenix-Diag-Client.

Just download, unzip, and run the exe. If that reproduces the same issue, then that narrows it down quite a bit.

Hi, I must say sorry. I wasn’t clear about that.

Because I couldn’t get tuner working in my computer, I wanted to say that I asked you how to wire as PWM and for me was a better solution.

Should I edit that or delete to avoid another confusion?