Problems with WPILib vendor dependencies command

i have been having trouble with the “WPILib manage vendor dependencies” command and am not sure of how to fix it when I try to run the command in the console it says “Command ‘WPILib: Manage Vendor Libraries’ resulted in an error (command ‘wpilibcore.manageVendorLibs’ not found)” does anyone have any ideas of how to fix it I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling WPILib as well as restarting and updating my computer but it didn’t help would really appreciate anything.

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macos, windows, or linux?

Are you running the version of VSCode which was installed during WPILib installation? In the documentation in that link, I selected [Download VS Code for Offline Install] and after that completed I selected [Use Downloaded Offline Installer]. This

Or are you running a version of VSCode that was installed independently/differently?

How are you opening the project? Here’s a thread that might be helpful. WPILib Extension Not Working in VSCode - C/C++ - Chief Delphi