My team (Team Alchemy - 3141) is having troubles getting the PWM signals to move the motors. Pretty much, the motors won’t move. What is the solution for this problem or what even is the problems source?

Thank You

William Surgeon

cheack the pwm cable,the sidecar the signals coming from,the program making the motor move,and the jag/victor that runs the motor
use a multimeter to check the pwm and the jag/victor

We have already done that and it still doesn’t work.

Could it be an error with the jaguars?

Also, what are the error codes.

What are the lights on the Jags doing?

Constant yellow blink even when we only have power to it.

One is now constant yellow and the other is still blinking yellow.

Both are now constantly on.

You guys are pretty close to us (Wolcott). If you want we can meet some time and see if our programmers can figure out what is going on. I will send you a message with my email and cell phone number. We are around all week to help out if needed.

Blinking yellow means no signal. What programming language are you using?

And double check the PWM cables - both the sidecar and the Jaguars have labeling for how they should go.

A common error (we have done it more than once) is to plug the pwm cable in backward.

check that your code is using the correct pwm for the motor you are wiring to. also check that your wire is connected correctly, if you flip the wires and the connectors are reversed the jaquars will flash yellow.