Process Destroying (C++)

I’m writing a Process Destroyer for Windows XP Home Edition, and have ran into a problem that hopefully someone can help me out with.

I’ve got the program destroying 9/10th’s of the process’ I ask it to destroy perfectly, except one. That one is Kazaa. Is there something in Kazaa that stops other programs from destroying it or something?

You maybe (and probably are) thinking, “Gee genius, why not just remove it from your compter???” The reason being is because someone else who uses this computer keeps installing it again (I’ve uninstalled it so many times). If someone can think of why Kazaa won’t be destroyed, please tell me.

(PS: Before this becomes a possible flame war, I asked Brandon ahead of time to make sure that asking this would be cool, and he said Ok)

Hmmm… My school created something in VB6 Called ‘Omega’, And it kills applications on its ‘blacklist’. Kazaa is probably on it.

Try Ctrl-Alt-Delete-ing it and see what happens. If it doesn’t respond there’s a good reason: IT JUST WON’T UNLOAD. If it unloads ok but comes back, it runs itself again before unloading.

One Idea: Replace the Kazaa exe with a dummy and lock out the download site.

C-A-D’ing it works, and it doesn’t repopulate after destroying it that way.

Ok, not to sound dumb, but what exactly do you mean by locking out the download site??

[Sorry, overload of mid-term stress is just leaving my system…:|]

It’s OK. In IE, go to Tools>Internet Options… In the dialog box that comes up, go to the ‘Security’ tab, and add it to the ‘restricted sites’ list.

Check MSDN ( about it.

Ok, thanks. I will do that.

and if they know enough to go and take it off the list, you could look up using the windows HOSTS file to redirect the domain to a different site (such as localhost).

True. Or, do both to be on the safe side :smiley:

Kazaa is the worst software one can long for. Including Kazaa Lite. I tried de-bugging both the softwares, as I had run into a similar program. THOSE THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE :ahh: :ahh: . Kazaa is a total non-sense and as for Kazaa Lite, since its totally anti-Kazaa, it even blocks us from accessing certain sites. Also it plays around with IE(Kazaa and Kazaa Lite), to restrict access on your computer almost permanently. So we just gotta be careful with these things. Do as he said, hopefully it helps :smiley:

I wrote an application once that required the killing of other processes. Be aware that there are several levels of killing proceses and child proceses. Try a higher one.

They range from the humble: “excuse me sir, would you please close when you find time if it does not inconvenience you in any way”

To: “you will be terminated now! resistance is futile. die @#$%^ die!”

There is an api call for each. With some research i’m sure you canfind them.

Ok, thank you. I know there’s 4-5 priorities (with the highest being the most dangerous also). I’ll search MSDN when I get chance.

Techno: I personally hate all P2P programs. Kazaa/lite just uses up to much resources (Kazaa uses 16,000 kb of memory w/o doing anything)