[Product Interest Request] Translation Wheel for balancing the generator switch

Hello everyone!

This is Riptide Robotics, an up and coming supplier for FRC!

Our goal is to create and offer products that are practical, affordable, and durable. We have not officially launched our 2021 product catalog, but we would like to see the community interest for a product that recently we designed and tested for the 2020 season.

It is a custom wheel for teams who want to balance the generator switch, helping them to ensure the RP when possible. Below are a few pictures, specs, and a STEP file for the product:


STEP file: https://grabcad.com/library/riptide-robotics-translation-wheel-rev1-1

  • Industrial-grade rubber
  • 0.5in Hex bore
  • 3in high point, 1.58in low point, 3.13in long
  • 0.5in hex bore (Thunderhex/Churro)
  • ~10oz

We are looking to sell these for ~$25 with free shipping. If your team is interested or has any comments or questions, please leave a comment here or PM us.

Stay safe!

-Riptide Robotics


Would love to see some pictures and videos in action


Sure! Who is behind Riptide Robotics, and from what team(s)?


Hi there! Currently we have decided to remain anonymous until we have sorted everything out. Thanks for understanding


Is international shipping free?


Keep in mind, for this to be FRC legal, the supplier has to qualify as a “Vendor” which is defined in the 2020 game manual. The most important qualification is that the vendor has to have a federal tax ID number and cannot BE an FRC team (but can be affiliated with one).


You’re going to have a hard time gaining traction as a supplier if you remain anonymous. I personally wouldn’t invest money in an unproven, anonymous supplier.

I want to have confidence that if things go wrong with a product, that the supplier will back their product. When I don’t know you, and you don’t have any history, I can’t have that confidence.


Rough time to start a company. Bold move, Cotton.


Nice logo…


Is there a website we can check out to learn more about your products?


As I understand it, this is just an interest request for an initial offering. I doubt Riptide has nailed down more details than given here. As a member of #translatorclimbgang, this seems like a good solution though.

I’m all for new products, but that 25 dollar price point is a little tough to swallow when this is so similar to a 5 dollar bow roller for a boat.



That would require a significant amount of work or tooling to give it the same functionality. At $25 this is a good deal, even if I wouldn’t buy it.

It already has a 1/2" round hole, so it’s not too difficult to broach into hex. A good amount of teams have access to a broach and appropriate press, and that proportion is probably higher for teams considering translating climbs. Granted, this product seems to be geared more at teams looking to add that functionality onto their already built simple robot, which likely is a smaller group with less access to tooling.

Yeah I think a $200 broach and a long reach press is a bit out of the way for some teams.
1072 has a broach and if we were interested in a roller like this one, we would just buy it instead of broaching. The saved time is worth more than a few dollars. If it was a $40 product, we might broach our own instead.


Gunna clear up that we are NOT affiliated now just because I know its on the back of everyones mind :slight_smile:


Also: broaching anything kinda sucks.


It is not anybody from Wave either.

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It could be someone from the rookie team 8267 Riptide.


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