Products For RoboRio Custom Electronics Port (MXP)

We are definitely running out of DIs and maybe PWMS. I was wondering if anyone is working on an expansion board that plugs into the MXP port ?

Searching has not yet yielded anything.

Unless you want to custom make your own, I would recommend one of these.

Should do exactly what you want.

This is such a well-named thread, might as well make it useful for people

What other COTS products are available for interfacing with the MXP?

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Also, please be sure to review rule R58 in the game manual, as FIRST has put some specific limitations in place regarding the MXP connector.

We have also run out of digital I/O on the RoboRIO because of the number of quadrature encoders we intend to use. This is our own MXP board, which I hope will be tested today or tomorrow:

It does nothing more than re-arrange the MXP signals into a familiar format.

Thanks everyone. Been focusing so much on the mechanical stuff, I missed the products at AM :frowning:

Thanks especially for bringing rule R58 to my attention.