Prog. Help Needed. Ran into error

I was trying to compile the camera code I got from
However It is unable to compile and this error keeps repeating.

" Error - could not find linker command file ‘18f8722.lkr’ "

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

Have you modified the code? Have you extracted all the files from the compressed file?

In the files with your code should be the 18f8722.lkr file. If it’s not listed in your project window, go to “add files to project” and include it.

Your problem could be that you removed the linker file from the project, or that you’re using a previous year’s linker (it will be 18f8520 instead of the one you want).

Yes the code was modified. We did check to see if the linker file was there and it was. Well we got the code for the camera off of That code does not compile for us. Why?

Are you using an old controller? Are ur library files in order? do u have ur linker scripts? are u using MPLABv7.42 w/ the complier at v2.4?