Program Compiling issues needs help ASAP!!

Where trying to compile MP Lab but it won’t compile. Help please of any suggestions to fix this quick.

Can you please post more information on this problem? What were you trying to compile? What were the error messages?

sorry for so little info. here is the rest of it: ther were no errors. when you clicked on it nothing happened? Do you know what could be the problem?

Do you mean that when you click, “Make” nothing happens? Because that would be really wierd. Maybe just reboot

um, what are you talking about? were you trying to compile robot code, or the actual MPLab.exe from MPLab source? (i don’t think Microchip has released source code for MPLab, so if you’re trying that, it won’t work.)

assuming that you are trying to compile robot code, does the default code compile? have you ever compiled on this comp before? did you remember to install mcc18 compiler? did you check all of the checkboxes in the mcc18 installer? (associate this with MPLab, etc.) are you using MPLab 7.20? have you tried re-installing MPLab and mcc18?

A ton of things could be happening. If you are using the program and trying to compile, thats bad. Or, maybe it’s compiling to a location you don’t know about. Does the make log pop up when you click the make button?

My guess is that the “Output” window is either hidden behind another MPLAB window, (in which case you can use the “Window” menu to bring it to the fore) or it is scrolled off the screen (in which case you will need to use the workspace scrollbars to bring it back on-screen.)