program light blinks red and green

I can upload my code just fine and everything works , but when the robot controller is turned off the program light of the robot controller blinks green and red and the robot will not work until I upload my code again… I thought it might have been a board problem , but my team has built 2 robots so we can practice prior to competition and I get the same problem and i have NO IDEA as to what could be causing the problem , could some one help me out please? :confused:

hrmm, strange. I’m assuming you have already tried the forced reset from update number 7 and loding the default code to see if it does the same thing and have updated the firmware. If not, try them, they do wonders. If that doesn’t work, I don’t know what to say. Is there anything tricky you’re doing with the code? Try e-mailing FIRST with your problem and a copy of the source code, they might be able to help you out a lot more than I can. Sorry.


Not to mention the new IFI_Loader. Both of us got the same problem. Mine was related to an infinate loop.

Glad you solved your problem, Astronouth. :slight_smile:

Try uploading the default code to see if it does the same thing. That will tell you if it is a problem with your code.