Program Management: The Six Phases of a Project

I just went from Enthusiasm to Disillusionment. How about you?

I just went straight from enthusiasm to panic! :ahh:

I have seen way too much of these two elsewhere, I hope they don’t show up in FIRST! :wink:

*Punishment of the Innocent
Rewards for the Uninvolved *

Where’s “exhausted”? :rolleyes:

I’m hoping I keep sitting at enthusiastic for the rest of the season, but I’ll probably hit stage 5 on Saturday. :wink:

Our sponsor actually gave us a sign with these on it.

And here I thought this was going to be something related to Management 1000 or 1010 :rolleyes:

This is probably a better approximation of project management though =P

1975 is actually at the Procurement phase… where/how are we gonna get all the parts we need? All we have right now is a robot frame and a shopping list.

However, I’m still enthused. It’s better for the project for the leader to remain unworried (outwardly), so the rest of the team doesn’t catch on that they should be at panic stage. I think “worry” develops only when a leader lacks self confidence in their ability to solve problems.

Granted, I did have to make a few frantic phone calls. A few parts are coming later than we would have liked; but hey, I like dealing with these kinds of real-world problems.

Where is declare a success and move on to a new project before the flaws become visible? Or maybe that only happens in the office…

Panic is beginning to set in…

Where is the “give up and ask for refunds” option. :ahh: We are so behind it isn’t even funny. We have nothing built yet. Nothing.

I think I’ve been in the disillusionment stage for six years now.

yeah on tues we were on the “aw some we got every thing build and coded” step . . on wed we hit the “OMG this system fundamentally doesn’t work” . . so I would say were at the panic stage now on Thursday . . tomorrow we should be at the enthusiasm stage with a new design that hasn’t been come up with yet . . then repeat the cycle next week.

I went into “Panic” today. How are you doing?

I’m in-between Panic and Search for the Guilty :slight_smile:

well I’m really really happy because that’s how going to the build sessions make me fell but I’m also in a panic because our robot isn’t half-way done and we estimated our total weight in process(we have everthing just not together) and we’re way past 120 lbs. most likely. Our flywheel isn’t working the way we wanted, our hopper is fully being redesigned, at least we have a harvester, and our successful launching of a ball was on Saturday due to the fact pneumatics decided to rig up a catapult together. But hey, in the end we’ll have something. :yikes:

I think we hit search for the guilty on Saturday. We weighed the robot. :shakes head:

I’m kind of alternating between enthusiasm and disillusionment still. I should hit panic pretty soon. :smiley:

I think we hit ‘search for the guilty’ right after we found out that the robot is overweight. That was 2 days ago, I believe. We had a little of ‘punishment of the innocent’ yesterday after school. Now we are back at ‘panic’ because the robot isn’t even close to being done and no one knows how to drive it.

We are both at “search for the guilty” and “disillusionment”. Some people are at panic instead of disillusionment. THe search for the guilty invloves that the electrical/mechanical teams wouldn’t give the programmers the robot, and the disillusionment was that we thought we’d be done 5 days ago. We were wrong.

Searching for the guilty scale person is the closest one.

Thursday Weight was under
Weekend=Whine and Cheese=WAY UNDER

My Theory= Someone botched the scale

Dropping 10lb-15lb in 2 days, possible but not as much as we dropped.