program on cRio

I was wondering if anyone can help with this? We are using the default arcade program. we have added a solenoid controlled by the trigger, we have the compressor controlled with the cRio. The question is this, when we upload the program it deploys just fine and everything works well as long as the program is in the run mode on the classmate. Then if we stop the program on the classmate , the drivers station indicates that there is no robot code and of course the robot does not respond. Is there a way to download code to the cRio so that we can have all the programs run without having the program actually runnning on the classmate? Seems to me there must be a way to download the code and then as long as you are connected via the router you should not have to deploy the code each time you want to operated the bot. Hope that makes sense.

You are going to want to find in the project explorer, under Build Specifications, FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment, Right click select “build”. After it is done building right click it again and select
Run as Startup"

ok thanks i’ll give it try