Program Port Specs

I’ve been doing some research around here for a wireless programming setup, as an off-season project, and several people have mentioned that most bluetooth dongles are too slow to interface with the program port, at least when loading actual program code. I’ve searched around, but I can’t seem to find any solid specs on the port itself. There’s no reference in the PIC manuals, which kinda makes sense as the program port is an IFI implementation, but there’s nothing in IFI’s stuff either, aside from the basic “How to use IFI_Loader to load a program” walkthrough. Can anyone help direct me?

Kevin Watson seems to know all about the serial ports and gives the programming port a 115K baud. Look at his web site and the serial code he’s written. The zip file has several readme files.
If this is an off season project. Give him a few weeks and e-mail him… he’s a great not to mention generous guy and I think he has then information you may need.

Steve ( Yeah I’m a Kevin Watson Fan. )

I know that the company that used to make our radios (Ewave) made a product called the Stamper, which was basically the same as our old radios, only intended to be used with the program port, but these were from the pre-2004 days when our IFI boards used the Basic Stamp 2sx. I don’t know if these would work with our current setup… Bear in mind, we’ve been told a new system is coming down the pipe for '09, so things could change again.