'Program State' LED stays blinking yellow after download

Our ‘2004 FRC Robot Controller’ is having trouble running the default hex file (or any hex file). After downloading via IFI Loader v1.0.7, the ‘Program State’ LED stays blinking yellow. Shouldn’t that LED turn green following download?
-clynch, 487

For the program to actually start running (and the LED to turn green) the OI must be turned on and in contact with the RC, either through the tether or the radio. My guess is you don’t have the OI turned on/close enough. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

i had the same problem. What you need to do is
1)hold down both the program and reset buttons.
2)Then, let go of the reset button. (The power light will be blinking green. )
3)Wait until the green light is solid.
4)Let go of the program button.

Now, the power light should be solid green and the prgm button should be solid orange. This is the time to download the code. Then after that, hit reset again.

PS… that is probably one of 1000 ways to get it to download, but i seems to be the method i have most luck with.

Simple solution. If it is blinking yellow after you programming it, chances are you just don’t have your operator interface hooked up. The programming was still most likely a success. All you have to do now is reset the RC then it should be programmed. To get rid of a yellow blinking light after you program and to allow the reset command the operator interface must be tethered or communicating via radio.

Ryan Waliany

Yes, it was a missing OI. Thank you all.

We have had the same problem. I haven’t had the time to try to fix it as it happened to us today and I’m just finding the answers…

One extra question that I have is:
Does anyone know how to prevent this? Or what causes it?