Program takes way too long to deploy.

Our programs take too long to depoly. It builds within 5 minutes. It takes about an hour to deploy.

How are you connected to the cRIO? Try wiring directly to it.

Does it still do it if you do it with a new blank robot project?

That sounds like you have run into an uncommon bug. I have seen it a few times and was trying to make it more reproducible last week.

From what I saw, it occurs when the cRIO has a startup app, the application is aborted, but the cRIO never responds to the protocol so that the host will put up the reboot dialog.

I believe that you can probably get past this by right clicking on the target cRIO and selecting Connect. After the dialog, you should be able to right-click on the build spec and Run as Startup.

Please let me know if there are any other factors you believe could help us reproduce it.

Greg McKaskle


At the beginning of this season we also encountered some really long deploy times (doing a run as startup). Based on past experiences, we quickly adopted the approach of using the Imaging tool to set the “No App” switch at the beginning of each development session.

This effectively leaves the cRIO idle/blank after a REBOOT so the deployment process seems more reliable (completes quickly more often). You just need to remember to turn the switch back off at the end of the session otherwise you won’t have code next time you boot.

At our recent regional, we tried doing the deployment without the “No App” switch set, and it seemed to work OK, so I’m not sure what caused our initial slow deploys.

Something else to note. At our facility we have two high speed wireless routers that share the same network. We can download to the robot if the laptop is connected to either of the two routers, but we do find that connecting to the SAME router that the robot is using makes for a much faster deployment (even with the No App switch set.)

In previous years when our team used LV, we ALWAYS disconnected and connect to the cRIO (under project explorer, right click on cRIO Real Time Target, disconnect, connect). I don’t remember how we started this practice, but it would cut the deploy time down a significant amount.