Programing camera in labview

Hi we are from chile and we need help with the programing camera, the example program in labview does not work and we want that find color pink and green,The program moves the camera but does not recognize the colors and not found

Pleas what is the correct programing???

Thank you:confused:

The correct programming is in the LabVIEW example that you say is not working for you. I can’t answer any better than that, but I can ask a lot of questions to try to find out what your problem might be.

How are you presenting the vision target to the camera? What kind of lighting is being used?

When and from where did you obtain the color tracking example project?

Does the live video image on the VI’s front panel look okay? What does the pixel-matching image below it look like?

Maybe the answers to these questions will help us get your system to work properly.