Programing code

Hey i went to ifirobotics and tried to find the original code… cant seem to find it for 2006… i basically need the code for the camera… for some reason i keep getting an error w/ stdio.h file … i think it may be my complier but still not sure…

Go to Project>Build Options>Project

Include Path - “C:\mcc18\h”

If you still need the camera code, it’s here: (see for other available code)

Th default code will be on IFI’s site, but for the camera and other code you need to look for Kevin Watson’s code. You can find his code at

Hm… i do have the project set to mcc18… still getting that error… now that code from “the bells and whistles”…i have to include every piece of data (user_routines.c) into my own code? if yes just let me noe so i can start…:slight_smile: i also see that there is a .mcp file in here… do i need to include that as well in the folder that al my code is in??

Read the readme that Kevin included with his code. It should tell you how to use his code in yours. If I recall all you have to do is make sure you have tracking.c, tracking.h, camera.c, and camera.h. Then make sure you #include the header files in your user_routine and then make sure you call all the camera initilization and tracking methods.

ok im somewhat majorly confused… should i include all of the files found in the zipped file?? or should i only include tracking.c/.h and camera.c/.h? … really confused im reading the ‘read_me’ and its telling me to delete this and add this…

I have found my problems:D:D

  • Added a checksum to the breaker panel packet
  • now using <stdio.h>, compiler needs -nw=2066 to suppress warnings (under project->build options->project->MPLAB C18->Use Alternate Settings)
  • Note: when using a ‘printf’ use a ‘\r’ rather than a ’
    ’ with the C18 compiler (v2.4 or later)

This is what has being failing on me:)

GUYS … ima cry… i do not have the 2.4v of C18… i have 2.2v but not 2.4:(:’( so this is probally the reason why i am getting the error…

If I recall, v2.2 will not work. Only v2.4 will work.