Programing old cRIOs in Java

I found a few old threads on this topic, but they were . . well . . old. We’ve got three full cRIO control systems in our lab that we would really like to make use of. Any teams out there still using them for demo bots or driver training or whatever who’d be willing to instruct me on how to get this going? I would prefer to program in Java, as that’s what the team uses for our current competition bots, if that’s possible.


As far as I’ve heard, you need to download the 2014 NI software for the cRIOs but can only program in LabVIEW. To program in Java requires going back to a previous version of the JDK, installing Netbeans(?) (see link below), and other old stuff that I’ve never done before.

Setting up a 2014 environment:

Some links I’ve found within CD:

An advanced CD search about cRIOs:

Good luck, because our team may have to recycle roboRIOs off demo bots, and that means putting 2014 hard/soft-ware on our past bots!

Thank you! I’ll have a look through these.
I was hoping there was someone out there still actually using them.

You can do it. I have it working. Feel free to D.M. me if you have any questions.


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