Programing servo in Axis camera 206

Hello I´m from chile, My team is #2576 the name " chilean heart" I have the following question, I do not know how to program the servo in LabVIEW, I think that can be a connection problem. The example program doesn´t work not move the servo
What is the correct connection?
What is the correct programation in labview?

Thank you very much for help me !!! :confused: :] :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Before chasing down possible programming errors, let’s start with the simple questions. Did you install a servo power jumper next to the servo’s PWM output on the Digital Sidecar? Without power, a servo will not work.

I put the servo in the PWM number 10 and 9, no jumper Where is the jumper?

You need to place a jumper in the slot next tot he PWM pin to enable the 6VDC to power the Hitec Servos. The Jumpers are included in the Controller Kit of Parts. Check the invetory list for a picture.

Good luck!

Thank you !!!, I see where is the jumper but for not sure I did not want to try because I can burn it, tomorrow I going to put the jumper.
Should work with the example program and jumper?:yikes:

GOOD LUCK !!! :slight_smile: :smiley:

We’re starting the color tracking today… We don’t have a certificate of ownership needed to activate National Instruments Vision Assistance 8.6 for the axis camera. Where can we get a valid serial number to authenticate the installation of the software?

The serial number was either with the software CDs on the Cd case or on a sheet with them I cant remember which.

-Mike AA