Programmer's excuse

Best comic I’ve seen in a while…

Maybe I should break out that old 233 MHz P1 that’s collecting dust in the corner so this would actually be a valid excuse–this year’s code compiles in about 20sec on my new laptop…

Funny, though. Thanks for the laugh.



Anyone not familiar with programming will fall for it, just don’t let them know.

Exactly what I’m thinking.

XKCD is recovering from its slump. Awesome. Also the alt text was entertaining.

With the vex serial adapter, I think we spend more time downloading code than we do programming the robot. Awsome comic though.

I think I saw thing on Digg, but its still funny the second time. I might print it out and post in where we build.

XKCD has been my favorite comic strip for some time now.

The only problem is that whenever I program, I almost always work with PHP… So technically I have no excuses. :-/

so so i…maybe we could use the excuse that the server has an extreme load and running a script takes longer…or that were using dialup …lol

Thats what I was thinking…easyC for the Vex controller has the most pointless downloading bar.

Haha, I used that excuse so many times during APCS this year, especially when we were on our really, really old computers (we got new ones about 3/4 of the year). My teacher would come over and find me on the internets, and I’d just tell her that my code was compiling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Last week we tested to see the difference between the adapter on a computer w/out a serial port, and a computer w/a serial port. The straight paralell cable took 37 seconds to download the FRC code, and the USB adapter took aobut a minute 30 to download the same code.

Due to popular demand to replace the pointless progress bar on the current versions of easyC, intelitek is proud to introduce for the 2008 season the all new IFI/intelitek Loader.


HAHA, I might have to switch to EasyC :stuck_out_tongue: Its sad that I recognize where the tetris screenshot is from because I used to play it alot.

Now thats what I’m talking about.

please, please let that be real.:wink:

Obviously no one here has gotten into the wonderful world of large-scale FPGA synthesis, or compiling the Linux kernel, for that matter. Those processes can take hours!!! :ahh:

Now thats Funny
Is it user controllable?
Does it play the traditional music while compiling and then the crash sound when the code crashes in the middle of compiling?
Does the blocks move Slower/Faster on the amount of Speed and RAM available?

The ultimate compiling excuse would be running Gentoo linux, where virtually every installable package is compiled from source. On an older system I had, it took an entire week to get everything I needed compiled (kernel, bootloader, X, KDE, firefox, openoffice, etc).

Any time an update was available, I’d have to plan on not using that machine for a few hours while it compiled. Kind of annoying, but it’s a great distribution to get under the hood and really play with the guts of linux.