Programmers Union

Hello, my name is Will Bale…You might know me as “Team1604!!!”
This post is for the programmers of the Disney alliance in Central Florida. If you are not part of the Disney Alliance and are still interest at what I have to say, feel free to read on…

This year has been one of the toughest years on us fellow programmers. I’m sure the problems with the camera are still somewhat present among all of you, as well as a number of possible other programming issues. Well, last Friday, I was talking to Barry Bohnsack (woot!) and he was talking about something called the Robotics Chick’s Union, and about how the girls involved with FIRST have come together and formed a union. It was then I said to myself: “What if programmers, from all over, come together and share ideas, learn from each other, and essentially gain a huge advantage over the next few years.” So after talking to Dan Welsh at The Robotics Ruckus at Freedom High School on Saturday the 18th of Feb, I decided to form one of these so called Unions, involving programmers. My idea is that we will hold meetings, and conduct lessons, and activities, so that all programmers, novice and advanced, can benefit. (For those of you who attended the DeVry Robotics Boot Camp, we are planning on having a day in September, where this “Union” spends an entire day, separate from the Boot Camp, to learn, share, and experience the enjoyment (and aggravation of First Robotics Programming).

I post to this to ask if any of you are interested in this.

Mr. Welsh encouraged me to “take the ball and run with it” so to speak, and after 2 nights of putting it off…I decided to go ahead and try it. So here it is.
If any of the Programmers mainly from the Disney Alliance are interested please replay to this post with your information (name, team number, contact info, and where you live, phone number, etc.) so that you and me can get into contact and I can give you more information at that time.

Remember guys (and girls), if we work together, we can only benefit from the shared experiences and knowledge gained from this.

Because In the end, it isn’t about the Robot, its about building relationships, friendships, and preparing for the future…

If anyone (ADULTS INCLUDED!!!) is interested please reply or call me at 407-433-2684.

Will Bale-1604

This has been tried before, search for the “Programmers Guild”.