Programming a joystick button...


I’m curious as to how i would program the button labeled 2 on the logitech joystick connected to USB port 1 on the ds. like for example… When button 2 on joystick 1 is pushed, set relay 8 to fwd on the NI9472 module or something like that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In your code you should have something like
Joystick *leftstick;

then further down you should have
leftstick = new Joystick(1);

make sure leftstick matches the name of your joystick object.
var = leftstick->GetRawButton(button number);

Thats it

By going to WPI Robotics Library -> RobotDrive -> Joystick -> Get and placing it down in your main loop, there is an output called “buttons”. This output is a bundle, which can be unbundled with Cluster, Class, … -> Unbundle. Connect the wires and you should see a rectangle with 12 slots, representing the 12 buttons on the default controller. Then, you would link each of the slots with a case structure (Structures -> Case Structure) and add your drive code in it.

Here’s a picture of what it should look like (sorry if its not the convention for posting LabVIEW code on the site. I’m not sure what it is)

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