Programming a Relay Solenoid

We are trying to get a relay double solenoid to work. We could use this to signal the release of air from an air compressor by pressing a joystick button. We are using the standard joysticks that come with the kit. This is the code we have thus far, but it doesn’t work.

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Yeah the begin & finish match what is on team 358

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There’s apparently something wrong with how you created that code. Notice the little red dots on the inputs of the Select and the Relay Set? They’re telling you that what is wired to them isn’t quite what it expects. I don’t know how you ended up with it that way, but my advice is to delete the relay code and recreate it. Maybe just replacing the Select would be enough.

Are you using a 12v solenoid? The solenoid in the kit is a 24v solenoid and will not work with a spike relay.