Programming a Servo Power Module

We recently got a servo power module to control our hooded shooter, I have been looking for example code or an API to add the servo to our code but I haven’t found anything, could someone point me in the right direction or give me some example code?


For programming Servos themselves, please see @NewtonCrosby’s link. Now if by Servo Power Module, you mean the part with the same name from Rev Robotics then there is no additional programming beyond what NewtonCrosby linked required.

The Servo Power Module is simply there to convert the 12v from the battery to 6v with much more current available to the drive servos than is available directly from the PWM ports of the roboRIO. To use it simply wire from a PWM Port on the RoboRIO to the INPUT side of the SPM, and from the OUTPUT side to the servo you want to use. Then program the servos as specified above.