Programming an old robot that uses CAN Jaguars

My team has an old 2011 bot that we are using to test our code. The robot uses a mecanum drive with 4 CAN Jaguars, and I was able to get it running during the off-season. However, once we got new laptops and updated them with the 2018 libraries and suite, we started getting some strange errors. From what I can tell, some header files that the CAN Jaguar library uses are missing, and I cannot figure out how to install them. This is the error message the console is giving me:

C:\Users\info/wpilib/user/cpp/include/CANJaguar.h:20:36: fatal error: HAL/cpp/priority_mutex.h: No such file or directory

I am at my wit’s end. What should I do?

2011 was a CRIO year. They are not supported in 2018 code. The 2018 DS does not support Pre 2015 robots. More importantly 2018 dropped CAN support for the jaguars. Jaguars will run on and are legal on PWM.

Presumably you can run the 2017 DS on an updated 2018 laptop. But not in competition.