Programming Axis Camera 206

Im new to programming this year, and my team is looking to use the 206 axis camera just to see what the robot is. we arnt tracking the type around the goals just so we can see what the robot is. do i need to add in code for that? how are we able to see it? i used the program by frc to set it up just dont know what else to do. Thanks

Setup the camera using the utility or using the directions for how to do it by hand. Run one of the dashboards, plug the camera into power and into the dLink via ethernet cable.

Greg McKaskle

ive tried that but nothing comes up, i didnt know if i needed code to be added

No code needed, but I believe the camera settings are a bit different for the two dashboard choices. The LV one allows parameters to be set, so it attempts to use an FRC/FRC account for communications. The SmartDashboard attempts to use an anonymous one.

The other thing I’ve seen a few times is that the MBps counter working on the default LV dashboard, but no image showing. This is an activation issue. I believe that running the Start>>National Instruments>>License Manager will allow you to license the NI Vision component so that it will actually display the image.

Greg McKaskle

alright, i have have to try that, but thank you

when i click on Active in NI License Manager it says theres no licenses on your machine that need to be activated

Did you install the support files for the dashboard? The installer is on the LV DVD that was released at kickoff. If it isn’t there to activate, then that would also explain it.

Greg McKaskle