Programming Camera

I am programming the camera for the first time. I would only like to program the camera for a image for assistance for the the driver. Help needed…

The only thing you’ll need to do is run the camera configuration tool provided wit h the frc utilities. That will set the IP address of your camera and it will appear on the dashboard.

okay thank you for the help…

We are having it where our camera tells us if we are lined up for a shot and will put a green border around the image on our computer

If you want to do something like that, use NI Vision assistant. It is very helpful and pretty easy to understand

Well I did all the setup/configuration needed for the axis camera but there is no image coming up on the frc dashboard. Also i want to program the camera to look for the target and position the robot accordingly(in autonomous). how can i do that? I am programming in java(netbeans)

Make sure the IP address of the camera is correct. If I can remember clearly it should be like (I would double check if I were you)

As for auto aiming, that’s pretty tricky to perfect. You have to first find the goal, which you do by putting a ring of LEDs around the camera, then looking for that color in the NI vision assistant. Its more complex, but also pretty straightforward.

Look at this page

It is straight from first and wpilib

The basic steps after you find the target is to find the distance then program your robot to move that distance (normally with a PID)

You also want to do all your processing on the dashboard. It is much faster than the crio and processing images. Also get a good laptop, that also helps a lot too

are you planning on processing/advanced functions or just regular camera feed? Both said, you could write an OpenCV application for just a camera viewer and that will allow you to resize the view, etc.!

I did check and it is correct but it still won’t display on the FRC dashboard

Have you tried pinging the camera using command prompt?

It was mentioned in other threads, but be sure to click the enable button next to the image display.

Greg McKaskle