Programming Challenge

Programming Challenge:

Write a PBasic program for the Innovation First Robot controller that has three (3) PID loops. An example of use would be a dual drive robot with a three axis robotic arm.

A. Operator Interface
1. 1 Joystick for drive.
2. 3 Potentiometers for loop setpoint inputs.
B. Robot Controller
1. 2 PWM outputs for drive motors.
2. 3 PWM outputs for PID loops.
3. 3 Potentiometer inputs for PID loop feedback.

The reward for solving this problem will be the sincere admiration of the FIRST programming community.

What is a PID loop?

*Originally posted by Ulibrium *
**What is a PID loop? **

Iā€™m sure there are others, but I found this page that describes PID control.

*Originally posted by Ulibrium *
**What is a PID loop? **

Good question.

PID is an acronym for Proportional ā€“ Integral ā€“ Derivative. A PID control loop is the industrial standard for a feedback control loop. The inputs to the control system are the Setpoint (where you want to be) and the Process Variable (where you are now). The output from the control system is the Control Variable (what it takes to get where you want to go).