Programming Falcon 500

We are attempting to teach some autonomous programming of the falcon 500… We could desperately use some examples. Looking for programming to drive a specified distance and then work on turning.

THANKS - If you want us to RTM— point us to the right ones.

Strange season this 2021!

You’re at the very least going to want to use PID. So I don’t make assumptions, what’s your drivetrain like?


I am assuming Java you didn’t say.

Here are the specific CTRE examples on how to use the Falcon.

Here are the WPILib Examples. These are less Falcon Specific but will generally contain more “meat” than the CTRE examples and will show how to use many of the very handy features integrated into WPILib that will work with “any” motorcontroller.

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sorry for the delays…
We are C++ and have figured out that we have to make sure we are aligned with the initialization and interfacing with the encoder… steep learning curve.

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