Programming help for marshmallow laucher

My team is working on a marshmallow launcher for an offseason project. For programming, I assume it is similar to a t shirt cannon. Does anyone know of any teams who had a t shirt cannon robot and have code to look at?

What control system are you going to be using? Raspberry Pi? RoboRIO? What motor drivers?

I believe we are using a roboRIO and we use java

Are you using flywheels or pneumatics? If flywheels then what motor controllers? I would personally recommend switching over to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or CTRE Hero once you get it working because

a) it doesn’t need to be FRC Legal
B) the FRC control system is expensive

The two threads should be paying attention to each other, somewhat. Never develop your hardware and software in separate vacuums.

Look at 254s Shockwave

Good point. I hadn’t seen that thread at all. Either way it helps to have the design at least somewhat finalized before you start programming.

Don’t you think that’s a bit overkill for marshmallows? I mean it’s a good example but you don’t need a scuba tank for this.

Well I mean code wise. The concept is the same

I didn’t see that someone else on my team made a post about that.
Right now we are just researching and I believe we are going to take our research that we collected and put it together to make a final design. So I think it’s fine for hardware and software to be separate in this case.