Programming Help For The Noob

Hi peoples,

ok i have worked some with nqc (not quite C) and i hated it.

so when i heard that the defualt coding for vex is easyC i did not like it.

so if there is an alternant grafical program i can use or if someone has made a application that writs out the coding for you plese put a link or somthing here for the programing noob.

Have you tried C? You might find that it’s not that difficult to use.

If you’re looking for something with a graphical interface like easyC, you could try CoreChartFR. There’s a 30 day trial version, however the full licensed version is $99.

Just as a reminder, that’s a wrapper around assembly. I’ve also heard about some serious instability issues.

easyC is very good. I used it for Vex, and it’s one of the better things around. Very stable. Well implemented.

If you don’t like easyC and NQC, you’r basically stuck. It’s either text or graphics.

The Vex platfrom essentially uses only C programming in one form or another. You have two choices. Either A.) use easyC or B.) use MPLAB and write your code out manualy in the IFI default code. If you have a particular problem with the C programming language, then you are stuck unfortunatly. However, don’t toss away easyC without using it. It is a very powerful tool that I know anyone can use. I personally trained a fifth grader to use easyC within two hours, and I also worked with a group of 7-8th graders at a Vex camp who were all also able to learn how to program.

Perhaps if you gave more information as to why you dislike NQC or easyC, we may be able to help you more.

I assume from the above statement that you have not yet tried EasyC; rather that you heard it was called “EasyC” and assumed that it’s similar to NQC or traditional C programming. While NQC and EasyC both utilize similar syntaxes, EasyC uses a graphical user interface (GUI) with drag-and-drop command blocks.

That’s exactly what EasyC is: a graphical programming application that creates all the C code for you. :slight_smile:

I think he knows that, hence why he said “alternate graphical program” instead of “a graphical program”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think what he’s saying is, he doesn’t like the EasyC interface and he’s looking for something different or a similiar program.

I’ve checked through the GNU libraries with no results. It seems as if it’s either EasyC, NQC, some booger party software, or you’re on your own with the C language (which is what I prefer to use anyways).


Iv’e bean working on a program that writes out the code for nqc for some time.

btw. i thought that nqc was for lego mindstorms :confused: :] :confused: ???

They suggest it be used that way on their site, but it can be used to generate real C code.