programming help

i have never used p basic EVER. could someone help me:confused:

Ok, first of all, start downloading stuff off of innovationfirst’s website under documents and white papers. Especially look over the programming guide and the default code. These will help you gain a feel for the programming language. If at any point you get stuck not knowing a command, try downloading parallax’s basic stamp guide / users manual where they list all of the possible commands. If at any time you get stuck, feel free to post a question on these forums. Also, feel free to contact me at, or on AIM or yahoo messenger as RobotCoder, and I’d be glad to go more indepth on getting you started programming in PBASIC.

if you grasp the basics, but don’t exactly get the code, then be sure to visit and download RoboGUI. It’ll help you tremendously with the programming…


Go ahead and grab RoboEmu while you’re there as well. RoboGUI will generate programs for you so that you can learn some of the basics, and RoboEmu will let you test them without an actual robot.

Let me know if you run into any troubles with either of them.


Both great programs…more so since they are free-ware. There’s some good stuff over at

E-Mail Me. I’ll help you. I helped Team 61 with their code.

Also from Parallax’s website, I found the What’s a Microcontroller? and Robotics files very useful: