Programming help

This is my first time programming the robot for our team. I was looking a tthe tracker code and cannot see how it works.

I can see that there are two sensors for each side. On the left side, you have a left and a right detector and on the right side, you have a left and a right detector. All I could find in the tracker code was one digital input defined. How do I connect up the 4 ir sensors and how do I code in the extra inputs to make this work?

I have been basing most everything off the default code… I still am not quite certain how to use the spike relays either…


The positions are stated in the comments. They arnt defined because they are interrupt driven. Look at the comments in tracker.c and recever.c, I cant remember the exact order but they are on digital inputs 3-6 (interupts 3-6 on your edubot). The PWMs are changeable and that is defined somwhere in there… its defaulted to pwm01 and pwm02, youl have to check the comments for that too. As for wiring… I think a schematic came with the kit… Or at least was in the manual. I cant remember exactly where I found it, but its essentualy the detector wired right to a sensor cable with a noise filter…

As for relays, thats very simple. Relays operate in 3 states. Forword, reverse, and neutral. Each relay relies on 2 binary varriables to deturmine its state. Lets use relay 1 for an example. If you wanted to set relay 1 forward you would do


for reverse you would do


For neutral they would both be zero. DONT set them both to one! Hope this helps

Looking at the default code
Navigate.h contains

Left Sensor servo in pwm01
Right Sensor servo in pwm02
Left Drive Motor in pwm03
Right Drive Motor in pwm04

The IR Sensors 1,2,3,4 are configured like this
1 - Left/Left (LL) - Left Sensor on Left Servo
2 - Left/Right (LR) - Right Sensor on Left Servo
3 - Right/Left (RL) -Left Sensor on Right Servo
4 - Right/Right (RR) - Right sensor on Right Servo

They get plugged into
LL - digital 3
LR - digital 4
RL - digital 5
RR - digital 6

The Digital input rc_dig_07 (digital 7) is the switch which states which beacon you are going to chase. Wire a toggle switch on you robot and plug it into Digital 7.
When you set up you robot on the field, you can flip this switch to have the code point to the beacon emmitting the “0” pulse or the beacon emitting the “1” pulse.

Hope this helps.